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Ubuntu Unity Development Does a IAmA on Reddit.

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Q: What does Linux need to be if its going to be a real contender to Windows? What are you guys doing about that? A: It needs support from the major players. Personally I think we need to lure:

  • Steam
  • Adobe (all their stuff)
  • Autodesk (all their stuff we don’t have)

We also are going to need to increase the buy in from hardware vendors. Nvidia/AMD/Intel all need to care about 2x what they do right now about.

Pretty sure that’s never going to happen. More Q&A:

Q: Will you please never drop Ubuntu Classic? We cannot stand seeing Ubuntu turning into an Apple Product.

A: Ubuntu Classic will probably remain for as long as the GNOME development team keeps it up to date and secure. This is really a question for them.

Q: I appreciate all the work you guys have done to make Unity better. But I have three really big questions:

  1. Why have Unity at all? I’m thinking of GNOME 3 here.
  2. Why is Unity (and other canonical-pushed projects) allowed to be put into Ubuntu repositories after so little testing and oversight compared other projects? Many other projects go through way more extensive testing and bug fixing before being pushed into the repos-especially main.
  3. Why have so many settings been removed in Unity or do not exist? I’m thinking of UI theming primarily.


  1. We didn’t like GNOME 3, we didn’t like the technology it is based on. I think GNOME 3 is an excellent project and great competition.
  2. We go through heavy testing and oversight too. Some things can fall through the cracks and there is a lot of focus on fixing that once and for all.
  3. I can’t say for sure. Personally I would love to have them, but it’s not my decision and never been entirely clear to me

Read more on IamA - We are the Ubuntu Unity Development Team.

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