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[How To] Opening and Reading CHM [Compiled HTML Files] In Linux

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In my stash of ebooks, quite a few of them are in chm (compiled HTML) file format. Being HTML files I though they’d open in Mozilla Firefox browser. Unfortunately that didn’t work, so I started looking for CHM viewers. I didn’t have to look far, a quick search on Google gave me couple of programs.

  1. KChmViewer: Since I’m a KDE user I tried out this application - and it works fantastic. Really nice, and neat. Download it fromΒ https://www.kchmviewer.net/Β or just search for it from your Package Manager. The latest version adds KDE4 support as well, though its still in beta
  1. Gnochm: If you’re a Gnome fan, you can try out Gnochm as well. Download Gnochm from here.
A screenshot: ![Gnochm][3]
Note: Both screenshots were taken from their respective sites. I haven't tried Gnochm, so I can't comment on how well it performs, KChmViewer is really good!
If you want to convert the chm file to standard HTML files, then you can try out Archmarge
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