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[How To] Opening and Reading CHM [Compiled HTML Files] In Linux

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In my stash of ebooks, quite a few of them are in chm (compiled HTML) file format. Being HTML files I though they’d open in Mozilla Firefox browser. Unfortunately that didn’t work, so I started looking for CHM viewers. I didn’t have to look far, a quick search on Google gave me couple of programs.

  1. KChmViewer: Since I’m a KDE user I tried out this application - and it works fantastic. Really nice, and neat. Download it from or just search for it from your Package Manager. The latest version adds KDE4 support as well, though its still in beta
  1. Gnochm: If you’re a Gnome fan, you can try out Gnochm as well. Download Gnochm from here.
A screenshot: ![Gnochm][3]
Note: Both screenshots were taken from their respective sites. I haven't tried Gnochm, so I can't comment on how well it performs, KChmViewer is really good!
If you want to convert the chm file to standard HTML files, then you can try out Archmarge
Sathyajith Bhat
Sathyajith Bhat
Author, AWS Container Hero and DevOps Specialist.


Enabling And Disabling Root Account in Debian/Ubuntu
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Debian and other debian-based distros like Ubuntu have, by default, has the root account disabled as a security measure.(thanks to Subbu and PICCORO for the clarification) To re-enable the root account, just open the command prompt, and type sudo passwd root You’ll get the following set of messages: sathya@sathya-laptop:~$ sudo passwd root<br /> Enter new UNIX password:<br /> Retype new UNIX password:<br /> passwd: password updated successfully<br /> sathya@sathya-laptop:~$ To disable root access, just type
[How To] Removing Transparency In Games without disabling/switching off Compiz
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Admin's Note: This solution was emailed to me by Bharath, as he was facing this problem and found a solution to this. If you want to drop a tip or a hack, just send me an email via the contact-me form and I might just publish it Sometimes when playing native games in Linux they may appear transparent. This may feel good for some people. I felt games should be opaque so that the visibility of the game is more realistic and gameplay experience is better.
[How-To]Mounting LVM partitions from a command prompt or a Root Shell
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Today as I booted into my openSUSE box, for reasons unknown to me, my LVM partitions failed to mount. fsck didn’t help, and and LVM based container system meant that I couldn’t use the standard mount /dev/sdxx style of mounting as well. With my /home and / configured as a LVM, the root (/) partition was active, but the /home partition was not being mounted, as a result, X and KDM wouldn’t start, giving a console login.