On Undertale
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Undertale is a game that’s been getting rave reviews from quite a few people - critics or otherwise. Some choice comments IGN: It’s hard to express just how much I adore Undertale without spoiling anything significant, but that’s what I love about it. It tells its story in such a dynamic way, and with such a great understanding of the RPG player’s mindset, that it couldn’t have been told in any other way.

When you get bit by precision & scale in PL/SQL…
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I got a bug assigned to me where my application was returning an incorrect value. Some background: The function was an age check function which takes in date of birth & start date and returns the age. In this specific case, the date of birth was 05.01.1951 and start date was 01.01.2016 - the expected age that was to be returned(after round off to 4) was 64.9892. The application, however was returning 65.

Download your Spotify My Music songs as MP3
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I wanted a way to download my Spotify songs for offline listening. Ideally I’d subscribe to Spotify to make use of Offline feature, but they haven’t officially launched here so that’s out of the question. A while back, I’d used spotify_to_mp3 which made use of Grooveshark to download, but Grooveshark shut down, leaving the script defunct. This gave me an idea to build something similar. With this as the motivation, I built Spotify-dl to scratch an itch as well as to improve my Python skills.

An Indian developer’s way of handling merge conflict
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So this happened just now with a colleague. He’s been working for few months now. My way of handling merge conflict: Open WinMerge to diff See the conflicting part Correct the conflicting part by copying the changes to the destination file in WinMerge His way Open WinMerge to diff See the conflicting part Opens the source file in Windows notepad Copies the entire contents to clipboard Opens a new tab in Notepad++ </div> Pastes the contents Goes to the line to be corrected.

Getting php mail() function running on Windows 8.1 with WAMP Server and configuring it to use Gmail’s SMTP servers
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With the next Barcamp Bangalore looming round the corner, I’d pitched in to help with some of the website tasks. I installed the traditional WAMP stack with WAMP Server for Windows and started working with WordPress. Needed to get the email notifications working, saw that it wasn’t. Bit of research & found that I’d need a SMTP server or an equivalent of sendmail. All the cool kids seem to be using Fake sendmail - I tried it to use with Gmail’s SMTP servers which uses authentication & TLS.

Game Dev Tycoon review/recommendation
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Mini review/recommendation I’d written about Game Dev Tycoon on Steam: You start off as a single game dev operating out of your garage, and then slowly expand as you move to bigger office, hire more people and just grow. The game starts off in the distant past, and contains homages to major consoles & other gaming device, albeit with similar names, no doubt to avoid legal wrangles. Gameplay wise, this game will have you hooked.

The keys to Oracle…
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<td style="padding-top: 6px;" width="100%"> <strong><br /> sathyabhat<br /> <a href="https://sathyabhat.newsblur.com/story/the-keys-to-oracle/d37bc7">shared this story</a><br /> from <img style="vertical-align: middle; width: 16px; height: 16px;" src="https://icons.newsblur.com/8079.png" alt="" /> The Tom Kyte Blog:</strong> </td> "What do I have to do to become expert, where is the list of key things I need to do with regards to Oracle" This is a question I get on asktom frequently – what are the things I need to know, what do I have to do to become expert, where is the list of key things I need to do with regards to Oracle.

On Backupify killing their free backup service & online services’ bait and and switch tactics
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Long ago when Backupify said they were going to offer their service for free, I knew it was too good to be true and weren’t going to last long. Fast forward today, they mention they’re going to not only kill their free twitter backup service, but also wipe out data of their existing free users. Dear Customer, We are writing to let you know that we are discontinuing the current TweetBackup service.

Error’d: Where I Come From, We Don’t Need July
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<td width="100%" style="padding-top: 6px;"> <b><br /> sathyabhat<br /> <a href="https://sathyabhat.newsblur.com/story/errord-where-i-come-/91001f">shared this story</a><br /> from <img src="https://icons.newsblur.com/941.png" style="vertical-align: middle;width:16px;height:16px;" /> The Daily WTF:</b> </td> "In my native language, we don't have translations for seven months out of the year. Way to go Windows Live!!" <p> LOL. </td> </tr> </table> <hr style="clear: both; margin: 0 0 24px;" /> <p> "Someone FINALLY got it right!!" <strong>Farz</strong> wrote, "In my native language, we don't have translations for seven months out of the year.

Pirates play a gamedev simulator; go bankrupt because of piracy.
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What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy? → Summary of "What happens when pirates play a game development simulator and then go bankrupt because of piracy?" When Game Dev Tycoon (a Game Development Simulation Game) was released, its developer released a cracked version on BitTorrent simultaneously. After a certain point in the game, the cracked version would prevent the player from generating simulated revenue due to simulated piracy.