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How to Remove Subnet Delegations associated with an Azure Virtual Network(VNET) Subnet
··288 words·2 mins
DevOps Azure
Removing Subnet delegations for an Azure VNET that might block deployments.
CDK Day is here
··339 words·2 mins
Computing CDK Cloud Development Kit Programming
The CDK Day is here!


Getting Terraform to apply only when a change exists using Make
··1982 words·10 mins
Tips & How-To's Terraform Linux Bash Make
This post explains Terraform’s exit codes in detail and how you can use them to skip a terraform apply when no changes are needed.
Welcome to re:Invent 2020 and see you in Neon City
··794 words·4 mins
Events Aws ReInvent
November end/December is a fairly exciting time for a lot of AWS enthusiasts - it’s time for re:Invent, AWSs’ annual event which brings in tens of thousands of AWS users, enthusiasts, power users, customers and more. For the AWS Heroes, it’s also the time to get together, talk, mingle, discuss and debate on all things AWS and more. It’s the time where we pack our bags and head off to Las Vegas.
Migrating my WordPress blogs to Hugo
··1220 words·6 mins
Tips & How-To's WordPress Hugo Migration
I started blogging with WordPress about 13 years ago. I had some free time since the joining date for my first job was about a month or so away. Armed with boredom, an Internet connection and an ample amount of free time, I started Sathya Says on hosting. Soon after, I came to know about domains, shared hosting and self-hosted WordPress and with my first ever salary, purchased, shared hosting and started writing about Linux experiences.
Securing your workloads on Azure
··72 words·1 min
Talks Security Azure
I had the privilege of being able to talk about what you can do to improve your Azure account security and improve the security posture of your workloads running on Azure as part of Microsoft For Startups’ Highway to a 100 Unicorns - Scale Up Thursdays webinar series. You can catch the video on demand by registering over at The slides are available on SpeakerDeck as well on my Talks section.
Running Folding@Home on AWS with AWS CDK
··440 words·3 mins
DevOps Aws AWS CDK Folding@Home
Folding@Home(aka FAH) is a distributed computing project. To quote from their website, FAH is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. Folding@Home involves you donating your spare computing power by running a small client on your computer. The client then contacts the Folding@Home Work Assignment server, gets some workunits and runs them, You can choose to have it run when only when your system is idle, or have it run all the time.


At AWS re:Invent 2019
··226 words·2 mins
Events Aws ReInvent
I’ve always dreamed of being at reInvent and this year, not only do I get to be at re:Invent, I also get a chance to lead a Dev Chat. I’m really excited to be there, to present and more importantly, to meet and interact with other AWS Heroes and re:Invent participants. Last year, I was honoured to being named as one of the Community Heroes and almost made it to re:Invent 2018.
Setting up a secure Docker image scanning solution with Anchore and Drone CI
··616 words·3 mins
DevOps Anchore Container Security Containers Docker
A while back I had done a round up of a few container scanning solutions and had mentioned I wanted to take another look at Anchore. The past few days, I’ve been playing a bit with Anchore - this time, integrating it with Drone CI. Drone is a “Container-Native, Continuous Delivery Platform” built using Go. It makes use of a YAML file, .drone.yml to define and execute the pipeline. End Goal # For this project, we will be integrating Drone and Anchore.


So I wrote a book: presenting Practical Docker With Python
··223 words·2 mins
General Books Docker
So yeah that actually happened! I’ve always wanted to publish a book and thanks to Apress publishing - that is a reality now. The book is titled “Practical Docker With Python: Build, Release and Distribute your Python App with Docker” and is targeted at people who are new to Docker and want to containerize their application (with an example Python chat bot). The book starts with a brief introduction to containers and Docker, guides you on how to get started with Docker before diving into deeper topics such as Docker Networks, Volumes and Compose.